Tobacco Industry
Hall of Shame

Call the New York State Smokers Quitline


The truth about your smokes

FIBERS ingredients Rat Poison WMD

Filter Fiber Fallout
With each cigarettes you inhale tar-coated plastic fibers from your filter
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Do you know what cigarette makers add to your smokes?
Urea (pee) in every puff
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Heavy metals, arsenic and other yummy chemicals found in cigarettes
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See how America's number one killer can be found right in your neighborhood.
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VERDICT GUILTY! 2.3 MILLION DEAD Fraud lights Take the challenge - alive and smoking?

Federal court ruling
big tobacco = racketeers
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Why celebrate the birthday of a product that has killed 2.3 Million people since 1954?
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Light cigarettes are just as toxic as regular cigarettes
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Do you know a person who has smoked Marlboros for 50 years and is alive to talk.
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Lost Heros to smoking      

Heros lost to smoking
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